More dialogue for all residents

The June 6th Town meeting was overflowing with at least 300 people. There was support for seniors’ housing and a lot of dissenting voices about the concept of the development. The woefully inadequate 1 hour allotted for questions left many very displeased. We called for our own citizens’ public meeting and invited Mayor Joe Feeney and the Council to attend to continue the questions. He accepted. We’ll announce the time and place soon and look forward to continued dialogue for all residents and all points of view.

See the article in today’s Chronicle Herald about ;the response of Mahone Bay residents to the Town meeting.

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8 thoughts on “More dialogue for all residents

  1. Why do we need two soccer fields for a town that has 70 kids? Hawthorne Hill was once a forest aren’t people from that area being somewhat hypocritical also the petition has anonymous voters that’s not very accurate. The village of Mahone Bay does have a cute ring to it.

  2. I would love to live here in Mahone Bay however the real estate is ridiculous ! I would like to open a child care facility perhaps out of my home. A new development would likely give me that opportunity.

  3. Many of us who live near the playing field by the Old School have used that field for a wide variety of activities over the past decades. With my own children I’ve flown kites, played frisbee, football, had running races, tossed balls around, tossed balls for our dog and on and on. With my youth groups operating out of the Mahone Bay Centre, we’ve played theatre games, practised with giant puppets, sat on the grass and talked and on and on. The question of “two soccer” fields is a red herring. Our side of town has a wonderful green space that we have used for generations. Please don’t take it away from us to line a developer’s purse.

  4. Yes, housing prices on Main Street and on the waterfront are high. Most people I know can’t afford them, either. But cheaper houses exist in Mahone Bay on the back streets. These are coming on the market as elders reach the point where they can no longer stay in their own homes and have to sell. Mahone Bay doesn’t need more housing at a time when populations are shrinking and more housing is becoming available. The proposed housing project could just as easily be sold to seniors looking to down-size or sold to non-residents as summer homes. The developer doesn’t care, as long as he gets his money. This would not help young families come to Mahone Bay. It also makes no sense to tear up the playing field when you are trying to attract young people.

  5. Re “Anonymous” signatures: They only show as “Anonymous” when displayed on the internet. When we print out the signatures to present to Town Council, the person’s name shows up.

  6. The meeting was a success with regard to reflection of what peoples’ stance is – overwhelming disaproval by the standing room only crowd.
    Substance of the presentation was full of holes to unanswered, critical questions.
    Indeed, that same disapproval is reflected by the man on the street too : over the past 2 weeks, as I walk and run through the town, I’ve stopped to ask people, “so what do you feel about the proposed development at the soccer field and woods ?” – reponse ranges from not sure to avid disaproval, the latter is predominant. Indeed the meeting substantiated my casual survey prior to the meeting.
    Development and growth, per se, are not the problem , rather the location and scope of the project are.

  7. I COMPLETLEY Agree with Brittany and Justin, This town is in desprate need of some younger people and some new development. Some people in this town need to stop being so narrow minded

  8. One thing I’ve learned over the years, Nick, is that wherever you go you will find narrow minded people and it is best that one learns to deal with them. Also, you can’t judge a person by their age: a person’s value doesn’t decrease year by year. Some people improve with age! What this town is in desperate need of, is open dialog on the future of Mahone Bay.

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